leaky ceilings

 this is the outfit i throw on when i need to get out of my apt in a hurry.  lets rewind to last friday.  J was getting a ride to the academy so i could use his car for work.  at 6 in the morning he wakes me up with a "honey we have a problem" and my first thought is, great he needs his car and i'm going to have to wake up now and start walking to work bc it's going to take me that long to get there.  no...instead it's the ceiling is leaking water in our laundry room.  
 now lets rewind about 3 years ago...bc this exact same thing happened at our old condo.  i was in blissful slumber only to find out that water was leaking in our laundry room.  i mean seriously...how does this happen at two places in a row?  so the past week i've had the nice little maintenance men in my apt and it hasn't been a big deal bc i've been working days, but yesterday i was working late and didn't feel like sitting in my apt with random men. 
 thankfully my little brother came to my rescue and picked me up to chill at the parentals house until i had to work, but it meant throw on an outfit super quick and get out.  it's funny bc all summer i lived in maxi skirts which in texas is probably weird bc it's so hot and now that it's "cooler" bc it's "fall" in texas i'm wearing shorts.  i'm so backwards down here!  but i must start wearing sweaters and boots and unless i want to pass out from sweaty heat, then shorts it is!

 headband: MRD, sweater: apricot lane, shorts: free people, boots: free people

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