rhinestones and rhinos

 so if you follow me on fb or insta then you know yesterday i had a flash sale in the shop because i was a having a good outfit day...well here is said outfit.  nothing over the top amazing, but i was feeling a little audrey and that made me smile.  plus i was wearing a rhino necklace, which i was very happy about.

it's also getting quite difficult to get outfit post pics done since i still don't have a car.  it's bad enough my poor brother has to drive me to work all the time, so i can't exactly make him swing by just to take my pictures.  so yesterday as he was picking me up after a hobby lobby run, i saw these awesome rocks along the parking lot, had my iphone in hand, and said why not?  he rolled his eyes of course, but i think we did pretty well for an impromptu photo shoot!  gotta love the iphone!

headband: mrd, rhino necklace: old boutique i used to work at but is now closed so you can't get one (haha), dress: asos, shoes: loris

 photo sig_zpsc63dd0bc.png


  1. Your so pretty with your rhinestones. I like also your necklace with rhino very unique. You have a chance to be a supermodel someday. Good luck!