vintage plaid

 Does anyone else have the problem of holding onto certain clothes for way longer than you should?  Now don't get me wrong, I love cleaning out my closet and getting rid of junk that's just taking up space...but then I feel like there are always those pieces that you get rid of and then the next week you're like, omg why did I get rid of that dress, it's totally what I need right now!  
 I mean we all know that fashion and trends recycle.  Most likely if something was "in" at one point, it's going to make its way back to the popular table and everyone is going to want to be friends with it.  That's why I hate getting rid of certain things because I know they'll be back.  This also means I have a very overstuffed closet...and then I can't exactly yell at J for leaving his clothes all over the floor...the poor guy doesn't really have anywhere to hang them..oops.
 And speaking of J and fashion trends, this shirt is one of those pieces that always has a place in my closet.  Why you ask...because it was my first bday present from him...almost 11 years ago.  Yep you read that right...this shirt is basically vintage that's how old it is, but I will hold onto it always because it reminds me of when we first started anything that still fits me after 11 years isn't going anywhere!!  
Do you have any special pieces that you can't part with?  Let me know in the comment...I would love to hear!!  

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  1. I stole this shirt a few times...

  2. The shirt is really nice, especially when you know the story behind it! :D

    xo Noor