the carrie diaries

 So do you remember this post where I talked about wanting something and not giving up and blah blah but you didn't really know what they heck I was talking about?  Well today I get to fill you in because today is the premiere of season 2 of The Carrie Diaries...and what does that mean for me and MRD you ask?  
 Well you see last year, when the show premiered, I was obsessed.  I mean I own the whole collection of Sex and The City dvd's so seeing mini Carrie was super exciting for me.  Plus the show's costume designer is the Eric know the amazing man who made Gossip Girl a fashionista's dream to he loves hair accessories...hello Blair Waldorf!  
So I literally have been trying for over a year to get in contact with someone, anyone, from The Carrie Diaries so I could send some MRD pretties.  Folks let me tell you that this was my next to impossible mission.  Every time I thought I caught my break...nothing.  I would get so excited and then...nothing.  Until one glorious day, I heard back from the man himself, and was lucky enough to send some pretties to the show!!   EEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!
So these bands are some of the ones they have on hand that have the potential of being used!  The show had already shot 5 episodes so it may be awhile until we see some MRD's but I'm keeping my fingers crossed....especially with this studded turband below...if this doesn't scream Carrie in the 80s I don't know what does!  
So the lesson for this weekend is never give up.  If you want something bad enough then  you do what you need to do to make it happen.  Sometimes you'll hear "no" a million times before a "yes" but it makes that "yes" sound so much sweeter and mean so much more!!  
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  1. Wow, how awesome!!! Congratulations. Your accessories are SO perfect (as someone who is obsessed with headbands and hair accessories and worships at the altar of Blair Waldorf, haha). Will definitely keep an eye out in the show! :)


  2. That is so cool, congrats on getting through to him!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you and keep sending good thoughts and love your way! xoxo