MRD on Hart of Dixie...AGAIN!!!

 Seriously I don't believe my own life sometimes!  So as I mentioned on FB a few weeks ago,  I had a whole box full of pretties that the stylist from Hart of Dixie requested back at the beginning of summer. I was lucky enough to have an MRD on the first episode of season 2 which was totes amazing, so I was hopeful that some would show up for season 3.  You just never know because they get so many pieces from so many designers to choose from.  Well last week I missed the show because I was working at the boutique job and yesterday I finally was able to watch it online before the new episode tonight...and what did I see????   

 Seriously seeing something you created...on tv...has got to be the coolest thing in the world!!  I of course screamed at my computer screen and did a little happy dance.  This color of the twisted turband is no longer available (it sold super quick), but I have a whole bunch of new fall ones that will be in the shop next week!  Now I'm off to watch this week's episode of Hart of Dixie...and fingers crossed there will be more happy dancing!!

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