warm colors and cool temps

slowly but surely fall is creeping its way into texas.  and since the leaves on the trees don't really change colors here, which totes sucks by the way, i have to get my orange/red/yellow leaf fix by wearing, well, orange, red, and or yellow.  the problem is i don't own a lot of those colors, but i've been finding myself drawn to warm colors lately so i'm just going with it...like with this dress.  although it does help that this is basically a little girl dress in adult size...which is basically my dream come true.  thank you asos for making my dress dreams a reality!  

scarf: loris, dress: asos, boot socks: loris, boots: frye

happy hump day pretties!  and you may want to head over to our facebook page because when there is chilly fall weather i get in a very good mood and that usually means an MRD sale!!!

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  1. Ah, this is such a great fall outfit! You're definitely inspiring me to try out the socks and boots look. So cute :)


  2. This dress is gorgeous and I love it paired with these boots!

    Sparkles and Shoes

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