fashion friday: singin' in the rain

i know i keep complaining about the weather, but seriously it's been so gross out.  now don't get me wrong...i LOVE a good rainy day to just cozy up inside and watch movies and create, but i thought when i moved to texas there wouldn't be this ugly winter know where the sun doesn't come out, and your hair gets all full of static, and you just don't feel like putting on real clothes because pjs just fit with your mood...oh the winter blues...i'm over you.

on a happier note, as i attempt to be more consistent with the blog, i thought i would attempt weekly outfit posts...
three cheers for
(i'm a nerd, i know)
what makes this even more interesting is that i haven't bought any new clothes in the longest time!  partly because i keep thinking that i'm going to get into shape...which means i should probably stop eating cookies for breakfast...and partly because why buy new clothes when i'm inside making pretties all day and can stay in pjs...right?

and even though it was an ugly gloomy yuck day, i was secretly happy that it was raining because that meant...fuchsia hunters!!

sweater: h&m
layering slip: free people
leggings: gap
wellies: hunter
bag: nordstrom

be pretty~melis


  1. WOW you look really adorable wearing your fuchsia Wellies but don't wait for the rain, I wear my Wellies all the time even on sunny days I love them so much.

  2. thanks carole!! i do wear them even if it's not raining;)