sweet treats: inside out chocolate strawberries

hope everyone had a great weekend!  mine was pretty low key...caught up on some of my shows, created some new pretties, colored my hair...AND made some delish sweet treats!
now we all know that i love anything sweet and because i've been so into valentine's day this year (why i have no idea), i wanted to make something that would be cute as a little vday gift, so i made


don't you hate when you eat chocolate covered strawberries and you take a bite and the chocolate falls all over the place...nothing romantical about that!  these are a fun little twist where the chocolate goes on the inside...much easier to eat, and so cute!

all you need to do is cut off the tops of the strawberries and then scoop or cut out most of the inside.  then add melted chocolate of your choice (i used pink wilton candy melts) and use an empty egg carton to store your strawberries in.  i also added some edible glitter to the top to make them a little more fun!

since i had some leftover chocolate i made some chocolate covered red vines as well!  is it just me, or do red vines taste way better than twizzlers?

don't these make cute little gifts for vday?  let me know if you try them out!
we also have our Yellow Heart Art giveaway winner...
Elizabeth Stevens!!!
thanks to everyone who participated and stay tuned for more giveaways next month!

be pretty~melis

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  1. OMG! Those Red Vines look amazing!! And, yes, I agree way better than Twizzlers...