hearts and ponies

the "big love" sequin heart headband is BACK!!
i must really love you guys because each of these little sequins is sewn by hand...
one by one...
over and over...
you get the point...
so show me some love and rock this pretty in...

and because you were asking we added some new sets of ponies!  
i still don't understand how you could wear these all day and not get any creases or weird funky lines in your hair, but you don't...and that makes me happy!  woohoo!!

be pretty~melis


  1. That rainbow-colored heart is seriously amazing. Ahhhh! Love!

  2. Thank you so much for getting the confetti heart out to my girl so quickly, it is "SO CUTE", says ARC! You are the best! We will have pictures for you soon ...
    Miss you!

    Dana and ARC

    1. ARC is going to look so cute in it!! can't wait to see pics:)