yellow heart art giveaway!!

i'm super excited today!!  why you ask??  well....
a) this is my first official giveaway on the blog
b) it's from the amazing leonora from Yellow Heart Art


i mean if those faces don't prove that she's the coolest girl ever, i don't know what to tell you...
well, except that she's a graphic design genius...hello have you seen my logo?!?
plus she makes some of the cutest prints (of which i own more than i would like to admit), plushes, jewelry, and now stamps...i mean what can't this girl do?

and because she's so awesome she's giving away some of her goodies
(minds out of the gutter people)
to one lucky winner!!

one person will win:

the "hello gorgeous" blowdryer print
(which i totally own and am obsessed with)

the wooden bow necklace
(which i totally want to own and am equally obsessed with)

want to win?  fill out the form below!  good luck!  
(giveaway is open to US residents only and will end Jan 25th)


  1. Woo HOO!! I love your logo, so excited to see the lady behind it!! Love that Hello Gorgeous print, so cute! Plus the wooden bow necklace, adorable!! xoxo Congrats on your first giveaway!

  2. This is awesome, two of my favorite Etsy finds collaborating for a giveaway! You both are awesome and talented girls with so much to offer! Crossing my fingers that I win!!!