i've got a flare...

over the weekend i was going through my closet and realized that about half of my closet consists of all things black and gray.  now normally this would not be a problem because winter would be in full swing back in illinois and i would basically be living in black and gray because it would be cold and depressing.  however i'm finding myself conflicted because apparently "winter" is ending in san antonio  and it's warm...and sunny...and i just feel weird wearing so much black....but i couldn't get rid of it completely...so i just added a little flare...

hair ponies: mila rose designs
necklace: thrifted
cardi: gap
top: kensie
bracelets: mila rose designs
bow ring: henri bendel
jeans: hudson from twist boutique
shoes: jessica simpson from macy's

be pretty~melis


  1. LOVE the pop of color with the shoes! And your hair.. LOVE the side braid :)

  2. You are just so adorable! I love your hair!! You always know how to style it! Your smile is so beautiful too! ;) I want to see more of the shoes and your bracelet!