mini deep dish pizza

yes i know it's friday and i should be doing a fashion friday post, but i've been a little sickly for the past two days and i'm just not feeling any picture this friday is going to be a 

it's no secret that i love food...probably a little too much...and pizza is one of those foods i could eat every day.  one of the biggest things i miss about chicago has got to be, deep dish pizza.  i'm telling you, it does not exist in san antonio and it makes me want to cry.  i mean, how am i supposed to live without my deep dish pizza?  that's like asking me to live without bravo and the real housewives...i just can't do it.

so last week instead of ordering gross yucky pizza, we made our own little mini deep dish pizza's, and while it was no lou malnati's or giordano's, they were delish!!

here is what you need to make these mini bites of goodness...
olive oil
pizza dough (store bought or homemade)
shredded mozzarella 
pizza sauce
desired toppings (meats, veggies, etc.)

preheat oven to 450 degrees and brush a muffin tin with olive oil.  on a floured surface roll dough pieces into a 6 inch round and place into muffin tin.  make sure and press the sides and bottoms into the i was lazy and just used store bought dough, but feel free to make your own.  

to make these like real deep dish pizza we put the sauce on top for some of once dough is in tins fill them up with desired toppings.  we did green pepper and onion, pepperoni, and just cheese and then place your pizza sauce on the top.  sprinkle with your fave pizza spices (we LOVE the pizza seasoning from penzeys).

then bake until golden brown, about 12 minutes and let cool 2 minutes before removing.  super easy and super mouthwatering!  happy cooking!!

be pretty~ melis


  1. I couldn't live without Lou's... You need to get that shipped to you, pronto! ;)

    1. i didn't realize how much i would crave it lol...definitely ordering soon:)