fashion friday: maxed out

this week has been rough.  i've been working really hard on some side projects that i'll be sharing soon and trying to ignore the feeling that my face is going to explode.  apparently in san antonio it's cedar allergy time...and of course i'm majorly affected.  it sucks...big time, but i put on my happy face because it is FASHION FRIDAY and since i'm totally "maxed out" i thought a maxi skirt would be the perfect comfy cute look!

headband: mila rose designs
swing sweater (similar): h&m
 ponies/bracelets: mila rose designs
chiffon maxi: forever 21
MIA leopard sneakers (similar): lori's

be pretty~melis

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  1. Aww I hope you get to feeling better soon. You look so comfy and chic. Love your headband and those adorable shoes!! xoxo Feel better love.