new business, new beginnings...

Hello Friday...nice to see you again!  And can I just say that February is already going like 27 times faster than the month we do not speak of...stupid January...I mean it's practically Valentine's Day which basically means it's yay!!  And I can't wait for March because 
I'm hoping to officially launch Camden Lane!!  Now when it comes to starting a new business I am definitely not a rule follower.  My brain is a creative brain not a "business 101" brain so there is always lot going on, and a lot of mistakes, and lot of eye rolling, and a lot of just being super excited at new possibilities...and I wouldn't have it any other way.  And while CL is going to be showcase a few different types of products, it's starting out combining two of my fave things...fur babies and accessories!

Now as someone who's first business was as a hair accessory designer, I know the importance of those little touches that can make or break your look.  And as someone who is the craziest of dog moms, I know the importance of making sure your dog, who to you is the most bestest, most attractive dog of them all, stands out.  So it only made sense to start CL with accessories for your fur babies, like this custom bandana that H is wearing!  There are going to be so many amazing bandanas and I can't wait for you to see all the new styles for spring!

Don't you just love new beginnings???

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