spring florals and grey skies...

Hello pretties!  I have a confession to make...
I am loving this crazy rain week we are having and I'm perfectly happy not having the sun come out for awhile...well I'm loving it until I look in the mirror and see my hair...eeekkkk!!  But let me tell you those little thunderstorm emojis next to each day on my weather app just fills my black heart with so much joy!!  Henri on the other hand is literally going to be full of shit by the end of the week because there is no way he is stepping one of those fancy paws outside.

And just because it's gross outside doesn't mean your outfit has to be gross.  I know a lot of people see the dark skies and wet ground and think...meh I'll just wear leggings and a messy bun...no people...leggings and a messy bun are for inside when watching netflix and that's it...but that's a whole other blog post.  So next time you see rain in the forecast why don't you pull out something fun and cheerful to standout against the grey skies...like this ruffle tiered, floral skirt!  Paired with a slouchy half-tucked sweater it's a great way to wear a little bit of spring when it's still basically winter. Plus it coordinated so well with Henri's new Camden Lane custom bandana!  

And don't forget that the first part of the CL goodies are launching on Friday so make sure and follow on insta for all the latest news and sneak peeks!!

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