lady in red...

 Happy Valentine's Day pretties!!!  I hope you guys have a day full of love!  That can mean 50 gorgeous long stem roses like I came home to last night...or eating two donuts for breakfast instead of one...which I may do today as well because it is a holiday after all!  So J and I did a mini celebration last night because he works today, but I made sure to get him the best gift...
4 delish deep dish pizza's sent from back home...because nothing beats Chicago deep dish pizza...and in our home pizza=love!!

You know what else equals love...this red jumpsuit!  So here's the deal...I rarely ever wear true red.  I'll do a deep maroon, but it's rare that I find a red that looks good with my skin tone.  And here's the deal again...I don't really do rompers or jumpsuits.  I mean they're super cute when done right, but if I'm being totes honest with you guys...which is how I'll always be...they're not really practical for me to wear on the reg...why you ask??  I drink a lot of iced tea and water through out the day...which means I every 20 min.  Can you imagine having to get fully undressed 3 times an hour just to pee...nope not going to do it, which is why I own exactly 1 romper and 1 jumpsuit.  

But I did learn that when you mix red and a jumpsuit, the only suitable thing to do is a POWER POSE!!   There is something super strong about a bold bright red and it just makes sense to own it and rock it...and make sure everyone else knows that you're basically a lady in red bad ass!!  So enjoy the rest of these pics...which are pretty much all the same power pose because I do what I want!

And enjoy this day of love...wether it's celebrating with your significant other, with your fur baby, or with a bottle of wine and a piece of cake!!  

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