farewell february...

So maybe it was because January felt like 27 years long, but February literally lastest like
7 hours...and I'm not mad.  I mean let's be honest, no one really likes Feb.  First of all, it has the worst weather!  No one knows what to wear because it's not quite winter and not quite spring and it's just annoying.  And then if you're like me you've basically given up on your healthy eating/working out plan and are now just feeling chunky and gross.  And then you get those little tease days where the sun is out and it feels so good and you put on short sleeves or a dress and then realized that you're totes pale...ugh feb I'm not sad to see you go.

The good thing though is that March is officially the start of spring which is my second fave season...kind of like fall with florals!  And I am so ready for some pastels, and blonder hair, and blooms everywhere!  Plus I feel like spring is the best time to embrace some boho chicness...so basically this entire outfit!!  So let's all embrace our free spirits and March into spring with a smile!

 photo 6ecd2016-a0b2-4779-91c9-7ab27737b07b_zpsa031f7e1.jpg

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