tees please...

 Monday morning and all I want to do is stay in bed and snuggle my pup, but because I'm not a stay at home dog mom yet, I'm up getting ready for work.  Although the more I think about it,
the more I think being a SAHDM might actually be more work than a regular job.  Take this weekend for example...I had to get up at the crack of dawn because H feels like not sleeping in.  And then if I try to go back to sleep he lays on my legs so I can't even really move and basically I just ended up scrolling through insta and not going back to sleep.  And then I was trying to get cleaning done, but he literally just followed me around everywhere with this look on his face like, please mom give me love, which meant no cleaning actually got done.

And then I was trying to work on new Camden Lane pieces, but of course H would just sit and stare at me because he wasn't getting all of my attention...and then we have the whole iron situation.  So back story...a few months ago J was making chicken and ended up burning it and all the fire alarms went off...which scared the shit out of H.  And then a few weeks later, one of our fire alarms needed a new battery and started chirping in the middle of the night...causing H to shake and pant uncontrollably until we were able to yank out the battery out so it would stop.  And ever since then when he hears any type of beep that sounds even remotely like the fire alarm he freaks out and it's the worst.  No joke, I said the words "fire alarm" this weekend and he started shivering...it's like he knew...damn smart af dog.  So back to the iron...I was trying to get new bandanas made and have to iron the fabric before sewing and our iron makes this beep noise when it's hot and he would just go nuts...so I literally had to go into the other bedroom, close the door, put on some music and crank up the volume and iron in there so he wouldn't hear the beeps...talk about Dog Mom AF.

Which probably means this new tank is perfect for me...and any other dog mom out there who goes above and beyond for their crazy little fur baby!!  And where can you get this tank...oh yeah it's part of phase 2 of Camden Lane...cute graphic tees!!!  Hooray!!!  And this will be available for pre order this week so stay tuned!!!

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