spoiled af...

You guys it's already wednesday!  This week is flying by and I am not mad, not one bit...well I take that back...I am a little mad...why you ask?
Maybe because I've been forced into like 4 inches of bed space for the last few nights thanks to a certain adorable fur baby named H.  And yes, we let Henri sleep with us in the bed, which I know some people are like, well duh where else would he sleep, and some people are like, um that's gross no.

And to be fair we did try to train him to sleep in his bed when we first got him...and lets be clear this dog has a bed in every single room...and that lasted exactly one night, and he's been sleeping with us ever since.  It's like sleeping with a stuffed animal, except he's warm and soft and way bigger.  Oh yeah...and he likes to sleep horizontally in the bed, which is only a queen...yes I know #firstworldprobs, but when you have two adults and a 50 lb dog that sleeps sideways, space is a little limited.  And of course, I always get the butt...he'll snuggle his face into J's chest and snuggle his ass right next to my face, but do I move him?  Of course not because who cares that I wake up with a stiff neck and spent the night snuggling a dog butt because I love that little nugget and he is indeed Spoiled AF!!!

He lives a life that is better than most humans, myself included, but he deserves every bit of it...which is why this new Camden Lane bandana is a must have for when the shop launches!  And don't worry, I'll fill you in about all CL stuff soon, but make sure and follow on insta to get all the latest info!  Until then, happy hump day pretties!!!

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