love yourself...

Welcome to the week of love, friends!  It's Valentine's Day week, which let's be honest, really just means that I'll probably be drinking more wine that usual and eating heart shaped candies.  Good times!  But it is the perfect week to wear as much red, pink, and purple together as you can like this outfit!  Who would have thought that maroon and lavender would make such a good pair...well I knew, duh that's why I'm wearing it, but sometimes it's a good idea to leap out of your comfort zone and try something new.  To be bold and fearless and do something just because you want to do it!

I think a lot of times we get stuck in what feels comfortable.  We form habits and create thoughts in our heads that aren't necessarily the truth, but they become our truth.  It could be something simple like, there is no way I could pull off wearing a big sweater over a swing dress, or I can't wear navy and black.   But a lot of times it's something bigger like, I'm not good enough, or I failed and it's all my fault.  

Well since it's the week of love, I'm encouraging all of you to be fearless with me, and love YOU...flaws and all!  To break up with things that are comfy and try something new.   It can be something little like wearing two prints together.  Or it can be something big like forgiving yourself for the "truth" that you know, and loving yourself enough to explore a new truth.  Because at the end of the day you have to love yourself...which I've said like 27 times already, but it's so true!  You have to know that you are amazing and you're ready to do your best.  You have to know that everyone falls down, and it sucks, but you can always get back up and try again.  And you have to know that the time to be fearless is now...and that I love you!  Kisses!!!

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