good vibes...

So some of you might think I'm crazy or not believe in "stuff" like this, but karma is a real thing you guys!  I can't tell you how many times I've smiled to myself or laughed out loud at karma in action.  It's probably one of my guilty pleasures...
 which we all know is because I have a cold black heart and enjoy people getting what's coming, but that's a post for another day.

But let's be real, because that's how I's best to just stay on karma's good side, which means putting out the good vibes at all times.  Now yes, if you know me, this might sound a little silly because I am the queen of sass and sarcasm, which might translate to she's a total bitch and is all about those bad vibes...but really I'm just a super honest person who speaks her truth...which sometimes the truth hurts, right?  But I'm also a big fan of putting out the good vibes so I get the good vibes back.  You need that positive energy in your life so good things come your way...and they will if you believe it!  And having double evil eyes doesn't hurt for a little extra protection from the bad stuff!  

So spread some good karma and good vibes by wearing this graphic tee (designed by yours truly) from Camden Lane and let's rock this wednesday!!  

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