sunday with my sister...

So last week I worked way more than usual since I'm taking off a day this week to go see Dashboard Confessional, so yesterday was technically my only day off.  And since my baby sister is in town we were going to spend the day at the zoo...until we got there and apparently everyone and their mother, and grandmother, and second cousins best friend's aunt decided that they also thought it was a good day to go the after driving around trying to find parking we had to ditch the zoo and take my sister to my fave place...the pearl!  

Yes, the same pearl I wrote about last monday because it's literally just the best...and my future get used to reading all about it!  Since we got there early it was still cloudy and cool so it was perfect weather for walking around and people watching!  And perfect for some blog pics!!

And then J got home early from work and we got to have an impromptu date night which literally never happens.  Honestly with his schedule I've barely seen him the past two weeks so it was a really nice surprise!  I hope this means that the rest of the week will be full of happy surprises and all good things.  

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