saturday at the farmers market...

 Does anyone else feel cheated that it's already Monday AND we lost an hour this weekend?  I mean so not fair!  It was however a lovely Saturday...well at least
until about noon when it reached 90 degrees...ugh I'm so not ready for another southern summer...but my mom and I went to the Farmers Market at the Pearl, which is one of my fave places in San Antonio!  It's the only place I can go and walk around and feel like I'm back at my real home...and not my texas home.  We checked out all the local vendors, had some sweet treats for breakfast, walked along the river and saw the cutest turtle family, and tried to brainstorm how we can afford to live along the riverwalk.

And we will...and it will be fab...but until then it's always a nice treat to visit and pretend for a little that we're exactly where we are meant to be.  

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