dog mom life...

 Fun facts about being a dog mom AF...
*Everything you own will have dog hair on it, and you will always find it in the weirdest how did that hair get into a clean the cabinet...that your dog obviously can't reach.
*You will develop a very obnoxious dog mom voice that you will only use to talk to your fur baby...and you will repeat everything you say to your dog at least once.  Like "Oh henri you are such a sweet boy, yes you are you're such a sweet boy"...seriously listen to yourself the next time you talk to your dog because you will do the same thing.  
*Your dog will eat better than you.  Henri gets the premium, organic, grain free, grass fed, all natural, and anything else that's good, dog food for his meals.  I eat cookies for breakfast and wine for dinner.
*You cancel your monthly subscription boxes so you can get your dog a Bark Box...just so you can have the joy of watching them tear it open and shred things to bits...basically just throwing your money in the toilet...but it's so worth it.
*And speaking of toilet...most of your daily conversations with your fellow dog parent will be about poop.  Honestly if you look at the text feed between J and I it's pretty much all about asking if H pooped today or pictures of H actually pooping (yes that's my husband for you).  And then if H hasn't pooped the whole day now revolves around making sure he poops.  It's exhausting.
*If your dog falls asleep on you, you cannot move...EVER!  It doesn't matter if you are going to pee your pants, or if your leg is asleep, or you have somewhere to will stay perfectly still and let your sweet little baby sleep as long as they like.
*And the same goes for when they sleep in your bed.  They get all the room they want.  And you will get used to snuggling your fur baby's butt because they like to sleep the opposite way in the bed.
*When you shop for new things like blankets or pillows, your first though is, will this be soft enough for my dog to snuggle in and destroy?  And then even though you know it'll be ruin eventually you buy the more expensive thing because it's not scratchy, but fluffy and cozy.
*You laugh all the time, because dogs are ridiculous and totally entertaining.   It's especially funny when they're bigger dogs because they are afraid of the craziest things, like little dogs, flies, and anything that beeps.
*And you know that even when nothing is going right, you can come home to that smiling, tail wagging, snuggly little baby and know that everything is going to be just fine because you have each other!  

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