pretty and powerful

Being a girl is awesome...and it's hard...really hard.  It's hard to not being taken seriously.  It's hard to second guess what you're going to wear so you don't get the "wrong" kind of attention.  It's hard to be successful without someone assuming that you had help.  It's hard to use your voice and speak your truth without someone saying you're being a bitch.  It's hard to take pride in how you present yourself without being accused of being vain and selfish.  It's hard to fight back without someone saying that you're making shit up.  

And in this crazy world that we live in, where being a girl kind of makes you lesser than, it's hard to feel like things are going to change.  It's hard to keep standing tall.  It's hard to hear others say that you'll never be good enough.   It's hard to see other girls so broken down.  And it's hard to stay silent.

Because you know what guys...
girls are pretty AND powerful.  We are strong and fearless.   We are done living in a world where we come second because let's be honest...we were born to run this...all of this.  So own it...all of it...embrace bring pretty, and smart, and successful, and stubborn, and crazy, and loud, and carefree, and amazing, and powerful...because you are...and it's time to shout it out loud!!

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