denim for days...

 Hello happy to see you!!  And hello happy to see you as well!  Did you know that yesterday was a full moon?  Again, I should have known by all my anxiety and crazy things happening that a full moon was coming, but yet again...I didn't.  But it does make me feel better that I'm not just losing my mind for real and it's just the moon energy that's making me cray.  And do you know what else is cray? 
 The fact that I'm wearing a denim dress.
Pause for mouth drop and wide eyes.
You guys I'm usually a firm believer that denim should pretty much just be on your the form of jeans...preferably flares.  I do also have a denim jacket that I've literally had since high school...that still fits me thank you very much...but that was my denim limit...and let's be real, I haven't put on that jacket since prob 2001 but the fact that it still fits me means it stays in my closet to make me feel good about myself.

So when I tried on this denim dress at work, I didn't hate it...which kind of scared me.  I mean it's so not a "melis" dress...but there was just something about it that I kind of liked...prob that it was super on sale.  But I also liked that it was a shirt dress, which works well for my body and it was super lightweight and I bought it.  It might just live in the closet next to my denim jacket, but I had to make sure and rock it at least once with H in his denim Camden Lane bandana.  I'm just that mom who likes to match with her child and take pics...but seriously how cute are we together??  Henri on the other hand is obvi just like his mom and not feeling denim that is not jeans because look at his face in most of these pics...he just not that into you denim.  Peace out!

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