sunday at the symphony...

 Well certainly came super fast this time around, but it's ok because I had a lovely weekend!  Saturday was a day of shopping and then snuggling with H after the stressful week that I had
...which you already know about if you follow me on insta and if you don't I'll post about it soon! And then yesterday, I went to the symphony with my mom and Aust and it was just a really nice afternoon.  As someone that played the cello from 4th grade to senior year of high school, classical music has always held a special place in my heart.  That coupled with growing up in a house full of all kinds of music, anytime I can attend some kind of show I get super excited.

And this was the first time really watching an orchestra, or at least an orchestra that I wasn't playing in, and it was a really great experience.  The main reason for going was because they were playing The Four Seasons, by Vivaldi, which totally brings me back to my childhood and it was just so cool to hear it in person and see the energy and passion in the orchestra as they were playing.  Plus it gave me some extra motivation to pick up my cello and start playing again.  

And since it is now spring, I decided to rock a somewhat monochromatic outfit that was the perfect pop of color on what was an unusually cloudy day in SA!  

 photo 6ecd2016-a0b2-4779-91c9-7ab27737b07b_zpsa031f7e1.jpg

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