shake it off...

Hello Friday!!  The vibes today are wild and carefree, but honestly that's so far from what I've been feeling lately.  As many of you know, my word of the year is...fearless.  Except the older I get, the more I worry about shit...and I feel like ever since I moved to Texas I have actual anxiety issues that I never had before...and it sucks.  I don't like feeling anxious, and I don't like stressing over stupid things...yet I do get anxious and I do stress over stupid things, which makes me more stressed and anxious...ugh so annoying.  

And now I'm noticing that my stress is making H stressed, which breaks my heart.'s time to get back on track.  To remember that life is short, so I shouldn't be worried about the little things and I should be a little more wild.  To just shake it off, and have random dance parties...even if it's just with H and I, and to laugh at myself for being worried about things that are totally out of my control.   And if I get too crazy I can always blame it on the moon right?

So next time life gets hard, I'm going to remember to be fearless and be a little more like the moon.  Because although she might not always show her entire self she always rises every night to shine bright!!  

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