a way with words...

i am a quote whore.  i just think it's amazing how certain words put together can totally change your entire perspective on life.  if it were up to me i would have quotes covering my walls...hmmm note to self for future home.  so day 4 of the challange is: "favorite quote and why you love it"...

this one was hard for me because like i said...quote whore...but i think one that i will always love is this...

i think so many times we hold ourselves back from being the amazing people we are.  i mean lets be real here...there are a lot of mean people in this world...and especially when you are on the verge of greatness, people like to bring you down, and that just makes me so sad.  i'm a big fan of telling myself how great i am...and no i'm not kidding...i think i'm pretty fantastic...and i don't apologize for that, i embrace it.  and my hope is that you embrace your fabulousness too!

and speaking of fab and quotes i'm so excited to share my new fave accessory....
Quotation Marks scarves!!!  owner, farrell, who btw is GORGEOUS, hand writes fun quotes on faux pashmina scaves...and they are the cutest things ever!!!  she also does custom quotes...pick your color(i did black and pink), pick your quote(i did lyrics from mumford & sons), and stalk the mailman until your pretty creation arrives...which is exactly what i did. 

 scarf: c/o quotation marks, headband: mrd, tee: free people, maxi: old navy


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  2. Well, that quote scarf is a great way to make a fashion statement -- literally!!! :)

    But I love the quote you shared... it's so powerful and supremely true!


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    1. thanks stephanie! i loved the quote you picked too...i tried to comment but i'm not sure if posted:)