lady in red

day 10 of the challenge:
"most embarrassing moment"

ok so here's the deal...i don't really get embarrassed.  i fully enjoy being the center of attention and if i do make a mistake i'm all about laughing with everyone.  i honestly can't think of one time that i've been really that weird? 

so instead lets talk about the color red, shall we?  i don't really like the color just doesn't evoke good feelings from me.  i know it's supposed to be a power color, but it just doesn't do it for me...but i am trying to wear more colors that are not in my usual palette, so i got a red shirt...and i really only bought it because:
a) it was free people
b) it was 50% off
c) you always buy free people at half off even if you don't like it

those are just the rules of life people!  so today i'm embracing red and i'm not embarrassed by it...not one bit;)
headband: mrd, necklace: dogeared, tee: free people, jeans: hudson, 
ring: make pie not war, flips: havianas


  1. The shirt looks great on you! I love that it's a heather-y red! Red is not really a color that I love either, but I just bought a cardigan in the same shade and I love it! And I agree that when Free People is half off, you buy it! I just got a pair of their lace shorts! Love!

    1. thank niki! i love this's jut so easy and comfy...i got 2 other colors lol!

  2. Very sweet shirt!
    But is that really red?? : )))
    Have a great weekend!

    1. lol it's about as red as i can do right now;)

  3. This headband is absolutely gorgeous! Kelly sent me over and I am so glad I did!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. I gotta say, though, I do love that top!