it's day three of blog every day in may and today's challange is:
"things that make you uncomfortable"

let's see...what makes me cringe inside...

for sure, other people's feet.  i don't know why but they just creep me out.  i mean, i had to do pedis in cosmo school and maybe that pushed me over the edge, but keep your snaggle toes away from me.  thank goodness i have pretty feet;)
i also get super uncomfy when my fingernails are long.  i started playing the cello when i was like 10 and played all the way through senior year of high school so i always had to have short nails.  then i started teaching myself the guitar so i still had to have short nails...now whenever my nails get slightly long i freak out and have to cut them super short...like i literally get angry inside if they are long...yeah i think i have problems...

let's see, what else...even though i've done it a lot more in the past few years, flying still makes me a little woozy.  i think i'm actually getting worse the more i fly, which doesn't really make sense.  thank you southwest for those free drink tickets!!
oh!  and bridges!!!  omg i cannot stand bridges...and of course when we eloped we were on coronado island where the only way to get there is to drive over like the longest bridge ever...scared the shit out of me every single time we went over it...i'm always so afraid they're going to collapse...eekkk!!
now that you're thinking off all the things that make you squirm, head on over to the mrd facebook page because it's FREEBIE FRIDAY and you could win a free mrd!!!  woohoo!!!


  1. I nodded to just about every one of these!!!! Feet don't bother me... But I'm with you on the nails!!!! Mine grow so flippin' fast... I usually have nail clippers on hand at all times... HA HA!

    I love bridges, but they still scare the bejeesus out of me. Have you ever been on the one to enter the Keys in FL? Yikes... It's like a big hill! I kept looking down at my feet ;)

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a foot predicament. I HATE having my feet touched. I broke one last year and I swear having it poked, prodded and x-rayed was more torturous than walking on it.

    I'd love you to stop on by!