what makes me happy

so i skipped day 13 of the challenge...why??  because i felt like it...sorrynotsorry...
so onto day 14:
"ten things that make you really happy"

1) J

2) my family
 sorry sibs...this pic is so old...which means you need to come visit asap

3) having my hair pretties sold at Henri Bendel

4) flowers

5) my new hair cut

6) sweet treats

7) baby ellie's

8) fall trees

9) my grandparents

10) shoes


  1. Gosh I LOVE sweet treats. A little too much.... (and lovely hair cut)

    1. i love sweet treats a little too much too:) and thank you!!

  2. An lala loveeee ur setup at henri's! So fabulous!!!! Love the new hair cut. You are the prettiest person!