love letter

dear mom,

i don't think there are words to express how much i truly love and appreciate you, and sometimes i forget that you are not a mind reader (even though you always seem to know what i'm thinking) and that i actually do have to express how much you mean to me.  

simply put, i think you are amazing.  and i know everyone says their mom is the best, but i really believe that you are.  you were meant to be a mold and create four little people into well rounded (for the most part) grown ups(well...i will never really be a grown up...maybe the other three) is a miraculous accomplishment.  you gave us all the best parts of you and i will forever be grateful for that.  you gave me all the right advice to help me taught me to be honest and to be proud of who i am.  you showed me how to laugh at impossible situations and to fight for what i want.  you remind me that sometimes all you need to do is dance it out.  

i know you don't believe it sometimes, but you have an amazing strength inside of you, and the strength i have inside of me is because of you.  the drive and determination that ian has is beacause of you.  the fearlessness that laura has is because of you.  the unconditional selflessness that austin has is because of you.  

thank you for always being there...for giving us everything you had even if it meant putting yourself last.  thank you for showering us with love.  thank you for always being open and encouraging.  thank you for putting us in our place when our heads got too big (ok that one is mostly just me).  thank you for always making sure that we felt special.

we may be your four shining stars but we wouldn't be anything without the light from the moon, and that light is YOU.  you will always shine brightly...and even though the skies may get cloudy at times, we will always be there, right beside you, and we will always see you.  always. 

i love much!!

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