mombasa rose

i've noticed that the warmer it gets, the more dresses pop up in stores...which is awesome because i feel like dresses are so easy for spring and summer.  you just throw them on, add some accessories, and you're good to go.  i also noticed that a lot of dresses are either sleeveless or strapless...two things that you will probably never see me in...well at least not until i have michelle obama arms...and who knows how long that will take.  

so when i heard about Australian company, Mombasa Rose, and checked out all the amazing things on their website, i was soooo happy....they have super cute dresses...WITH SLEEVES!!  it was like the best day ever...and then i got this dress in the mail and it was like the best day ever all over again.  first of all, who doesn't love getting packages from other fun!  second of all, this floral print rocks!!  and third, it fit me perfectly!!  i am so obsessed with this dress and already have a wish list of all the other ones i want (so cutelovetotes hippie chicmust have)

hair clip: mrd, dress: c/o mombasa rose, cardi: gap, boots: frye

so if you're in need of some fun summer dresses, then i definitely recommend checking out mombasa rose...and go like their facebook page because they always post the most amazing pics!!  

and no, i didn't forget today's challenge:
"a piece of advice you have for others"...
my advice, from the lyrics of one of my fave musicals is...
you're never fully dressed without a before you leave the house today look in the mirror and me, it'll make you feel so much better:)

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