how about a little rant?

 so i've been slacking on the blog every day in may challenge, but i'm back for day 22 and it's a good one: "rant about something"
seriously i've been looking forward to this day since the challenge started.  i am like the queen of complaining...i could whine about anything and everything if i could...and i usually do, but on the blog i try not to do it because who really wants to read a blog full of complaining?  
so # 1 thing that is totally annoying to me right now...
my name is NOT mila!!!
i get that a lot of people name their business after their own name...i mean i'm a total narcissist and i definitely thought of naming my hair accessory line melis, but i thought it would be more fun to incorporate my siblings...hence the name mila (Melissa, Ian, Laura, Austin)...first initials of the sibs in our birth order...awww soooo precious.  HOWEVER....everyone seems to think that i am the mila of mila rose....sorry kids i'm just the letter m...
(or melis for all of my close friends...which would be you guys)  
sometimes i just go with it when i'm doing a trunk show or something like that, but if i send you an email and i sign it, melis, then why are you writing back to me with, hi mila....ugh soooo annoying.  
#2 thing that is driving me crazy is how every girl/woman/mom/daughter/etc in san antonio feels the need to be so matchy matchy with their outfits.  literally they will buy a coral dress and then pick out a coral necklace, earrings, bracelet, shoes....who wants to look like a big sherbet popsicle, because that's exactly what you look like when you wear ALL THE SAME COLOR!!!  and it's so funny, because when i suggest other things to put with outfits when i'm working in the boutique people look at me like i'm crazy..."you want me to mix gold and silver jewelry"..."put a pink necklace with this navy and mint dress"..."you mean if i'm wearing white jeans i can wear any color top"...seriously this is what people say to me...and then i just blankly stare back at them because they can't really be asking me these dumb questions right...ohhhh but they are...seriously san antonio...i will make you mix a stripe maxi with a floral top and you're going to love it!!!

and finally the #3 thing that i feel like complaining about...why is it so difficult to find cute black wedges?  i've looked everywhere and i cannot find any...poop.  i have all of these cute summer dresses that must have a black wedge, but i've got nothing...blah...someone help me with my shoe dilemma please!!!

anyways how about some happy news!!!  the winner of the Buck and Libby custom doodle is....
Kelly from!!  woohoo!!  can't wait to see how your doodle turns out!!


  1. I have just started to learn to stop being so matchy matchy! I grew up believing that my outfits should match and my hair should be totally perfect. It's hard to let that go!

  2. I am obsessed with your rants!!!! I LOVE how you came up with Mila. So clever! Don't even get me started on people's 'fashion' choices. It drives me crazy as well. Especially when I see it in blogging & they have like 50+'s like really people? Love the outfit your sporting in the pics! You always look fabulous!! So excited I won!!! Yay!! Love ya!

  3. hahaha I love that THIS is the day you were waiting for! I hate not finding shoes. And maybe you should just accept Mila. It's pretty. ;)