Sunday, May 12, 2013

best friends forever

before we get to today's challenge, i want to say happy mother's day to my mom, who is obviously the best, and to all the other amazing moms i know...including some of my soon-to-be-mom besties!!  i hope you all get pampered like princesses today!!

so day 12 of the challenge is:
"what do you miss"

this one has been the easiest challenge day so far for me.  i miss my girls...
living in texas has been great, but being so far away from my closet friends has been harder than i thought.  most of these girls have known me since i was 18...and one i've been friends with since 6th grade...that's like more than half my life...god i'm old.

and do you know how hard it is to make new friends when you're 30 and in a new city?  it's like the impossible task.  i mean are you supposed to just find a girl with cute shoes and be like, hey i like your style lets be no, that's creepy.  it's probably been one of my biggest struggles here...not having hair parties, or sushi/wine nights, or a gso (girly sleepover), or just getting drinks and talking about how great we are and how much everyone else sucks (kregs i'm talking to you).  

so to all my besties, i miss you terribly and can't wait to see you when i visit in june!!!  


  1. I was just telling some friends how much I miss you today. I came across some vintage dresses Friday, tried them on and had to train my friends to be like you. I was saying, "look, you girls have to TELL me what to wear and how to wear it, that's what Melis did." I wore the dress today, and now I think I need a new MRD for each one. I'll send pics. Also, our last GSO was great, but not the same without you. Can't wait for a visit. Miss you.

    1. yes send me pics!! miss you tons!! and can't wait to see you in june:)

  2. I can definitely relate to that! I moved to TN from WI a year ago- and I'm still looking!!!

    1. who would have thought that making new friends would be so difficult??


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